Art of the Mill – “White Tiger” – Keo Match x Ohnoes – Woodend, Melbourne

“White Tiger” street art mural was an accidental collaboration wall between myself and Ohnoes. Utilising the shared wall and black background we threw together own individual styles and came up with this calming marriage of lady and tiger. We produced the piece over a couple of hours as always with a lot of banter and many smiles and laughs had by all. Striking cuts of jagged colour tear and whisp through the piece playing off the contrasting greys of the portraiture and photo-realism. Panel were placed strategically on the wall before starting the piece(s) so that bidders got the most striking elements of the overall street art mural.

ART-OF-THEMILL - White Tiger (street art collaboration: ohnoes x keo)

‘Art of the Mill’ was the inaugural street art group exhibition presented by No Fixed Address Gallery in Woodend, Victoria. It was included as part of the Macedon Ranges Sustainable Living Festival of 2016. It brought a large selection of street art and graffiti artists including Adnate, Makatron, Heesco, Kaff-Eine, Unwell Bunny, Kid Silk, Dose, Phibs, George Rose, Ohnoes, Chehehe, Mitch Walder, Crisis, Keo Match, Jack Douglas, GT Sewell, ERG crew, Stopem, and many many more.

Artists travelled to the quiet country town of Woodend, about 45 minutes outside of Melbourne, to create street art murals big and small inside an old rustic sawmill. Pieces of the artworks were auctioned off at the event with 20% of all sales being donated to the Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network.

“Art of the Mill”
Directed: Josh van Cuylenburg
Mix: White Owl Sound
Music Composed by: Nick van Cuylenburg

ART-OF-THEMILL - T-Shirt (tshirt print: redwoodpress)

“Art of the Mill – Tshirt”
Created by: Ohnoes and participating artists
Printed by: Redwood Press

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