UPPERCUP / One Shot Show 2015

Late in 2015 I was given a very unique opportunity to get arty on one of the impressive Uppercup cups thanks to Chasing Ghosts. Along with a star studded group of other artists including names such as ClogTwo, InkTen, Facter, Steve Cross and Mike Watt, just to name a few, I was in very very talented company. Here are some shots of the show and works that my little addition sat along side.


“UpperCup: Decay”
Keo Match
Tempera Paint/Paint Marker.
Uppercup cup.




Artists include ClogTwo, InkTen, Facter, Steve Cross, Jack Douglas, Mike Watt, Ohnoes, Crisis, Chehehe, Mitch Walder, Grizzle and more…
Tempera Paint/Paint Marker.
Uppercup cup.