The Paterson Project Street Art Mural – “Bubble & Bite” – Brunswick, Melbourne

Sooooo stoked! to be invited to be an artist at the absolutely massive “Paterson Project” down in Melbourne in March.

Over 100 artists. 3 Floors. One epic night of partying! All for charity.

My compadres at “The Artshole” in Caulfield (Southern Melbourne) asked me to come down special for this one and frankly I was humbled by the suggestion and then further so by the company I was keeping on the surrounding walls and the above floors. If you’d like to see a great documenting of the festivities check out “chasing ghosts” websites, he’s truly done an amazing job documenting it all.

Below you can find a little timelapse I half did (damn batteries), and some shots of the final piece 😉

“Bubble & Bite”
Keo Match
Aerosol Art/Streetart/Graffiti Sigma80.
Approx 8m x 3m Wall.