The 50/50 Project

Proudly introducing “The 50/50 Project”.

The 50/50 Project

This project is a fresh little idea I’ve had to get my art in your hands for a very affordable price with a little bit of collaborative content from you. Together we’ll create something special for your wall while also giving back to those in need.

Ok so the specifics… I will be releasing 1 of 8 diamond shaped canvases (first on my bigcartel then on social media), every so often over the coming weeks and months.

These canvases are the bases for your artwork
(if you get in quick and purchase them when you see them).
Then the fun truly begins.

|| UPDATE ||

CANVAS No. 1 is now SOLD to Mike WATT of Sydney.

The 50/50 Project Step-by-Step:

1. See a diamond canvas post with the tag #the5050project

2. Quickly follow the link to the canvas on bigcartel

3. Purchase canvas for $100 ($50 to me/$50 to a charity of your choice)

4. Choose a “CHARITY” to send the $50 too.
Here is a list of some if you’re drawing a blank:

Homeless of Melbourne
Supporting Melbourne’s Homeless

Lighthouse Foundation
Helping Homeless Youth

World Vision
Assisting those in need worldwide

Animals Australia
Animal protection and rescue

Variety Victoria
dedicated to transforming the lives of children with special needs

The Oaktree Foundation
youth run aid and development organisation, run entirely
by young people under the age of 26

Trust for Nature
protecting more than 80,000 hectares of native vegetation in Victoria

Guide Dogs Australia
assisting people who are blind or have a vision impairment
gain the freedom and independence

5. Choose a “KEYWORD” to base the artwork on.

6. Include your “KEYWORD” and “CHARITY” in the product/postage message when purchasing. If you miss that opportunity, don’t worry you can email me at or hit me up on Facebook or Instagram with the details.

5. Be patient as I get busy being arty on your canvas.

6. Enjoy the result! (hopefully).
I will post up the resulting artwork on instagram, facebook, etc. tagging you.

7. Pick up. Post. Pigeon. We’ll organise getting you your new artwork.

8. I’ll donate your $50s to your charities. YAY!

The 50/50 Project - The Artshole

I’m so excited to see what collaborations we’ll come up with all for a good cause or 8.

Stay tuned for those canvas posts 😉

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