WEWF Street Art Piece – Meeting of Styles 2016 – Melbourne

Meeting Of Styles Melbourne was held across all of Melbourne CBD’s most iconic laneways in 2016. With a huge 200+ street artists and graffiti heads giving the city a truly fresh new look, a street art make-over as it were. The event was entirely curated by local teams with a few amazingly talented artist invited down to this art haven to get in on the action. The graffiti and street art community was truly a forced to be reckoned with over the action packed weekend creating many multi-artist productions big and huge, small and tiny on display. Melbourne was truly turning heads and leaving many slack jawed and artistically and creatively starstruck.

Excerpt from a press release for the day:
“The city of Melbourne is now awash with hundreds of new graffiti and street art murals. Over four days in April, Meeting of Styles Melbourne quietly occurred with nearly three hundred of Australia’s leading artists from Melbourne as well as other states, painting walls in various lanes across the city. The artists were not paid, yet they left hundreds of artworks for Melburnians and international tourists to enjoy anytime and at no cost. The artworks could be valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars and will surely generate revenue for the city through the countless people coming in to view the artworks. This was the first time the European event was held in Australia and all concerned have branded it a huge success paving the way for a bigger and better event next year.”

Meeting of Styles 2016 - WEWF crew wall(1) - Street Art, Melbourne

From left: Ohnoes, Facter, Keo Match,…

Meeting of Styles 2016 - WEWF crew wall(2) - Street Art, Melbourne


Meeting of Styles 2016 - WEWF crew wall(3) - Street Art, Melbourne

Jack Douglas, Le Grizz, and finally Mitch Walder.

The WEWF crew, a collective of some of Melbourne’s most underrated but most inspiring artists, were on the scene and produce an absolutely massive street art piece. Using shape, colour and form to connect the many unique styles of each graffiti and street artist respectively they managed to tile out a mosaic like artwork playing with funky characters, photo-realism, jazzy squiggly and typography leading eyes and feet deeper and deeper into the laneways. Friends of the crew were allocated walls alongside and opposite to the huge street art production and created a tunnel of exciting new faces and banter. Splashes of colour and style tearing across the walls on the Queen’s Birthday.

“MoS 2016 – Teaser”
Production: OG Films

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