Handsome & Co. Mural – Richmond, Melbourne

One of my very first commissioned murals in Melbourne, this mixed media aerosol piece can be found at Handsome & Co. in Richmond. As someone with an appreciation for the beauty of woodgrain myself, I knew that this piece had to have a wood in it. Handsome and Co. is a school of fine woodworking and design after all.

Perched on H-shaped wood joinery are Salvatore the frog and Abraham the raven. Salvatore was inspired by Ohnoes‘ amphibious friends that live in a tank in our studio, the Artshole; while Abraham was inspired by a stuffed raven found in the rafters of Handsome & Co. It was great having an opportunity to bring them to life on this feature wall.

Paired with my own calligraphy in the background, it was a amazing to be given full creative freedom to interpret and create a design for the space. Many thanks to Elliot and Louise for this great experience, and for accommodating my request to paint through the night. Even though my calves were feeling it by the end of this paint job, I couldn’t be happier with how this mural turned out.





Handsome & Co. Mural
Mixed media Aerosol Art/Streetart/Graffiti Sigma80.
12m x 6m Wall.