“Feathered Prismess” Feature wall – Merriweather

The last piece for the Hodgeson’s was such terrific fun and was loved  that they got me back to add to their dining room, Feathered Prismess.

I’ve been very lucky in my art journey to have some amazing clients and Sally and Mick Hodgeson are a perfect example of said amazing clients letting me loose to be creative in their house. With their brief being simply “paint us awesome stuff on our walls” it wasn’t long before fuzzing with delite. I decided to give them some true “Keo” originals.
This piece utilizes my now common keometry and textural visual narrative build. It’s a continuation from the Lounging Lips piece adding another guardian this time to their dining room. They are in a sense making a slight reference to there being a guardian over each room, not dissimilar to “Mother Natures” role over the environment.

Feathered Prismess 2015_Lounging-Lips_SALnMICKS2 2015_Lounging-Lips_SALnMICKS3


Feathered Prismess
Aerosol Art/Streetart/Graffiti Sigma80.
4.5 x 3m Wall.