About Me

I’m an Australian Creative & Painter.

Never too far from a beach and definitely never too far from pencil and paper,
I am still presently based in Australia, traveling a rotation between Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, and on occasion Adelaide. I have been told that “I’m as close to a professional roaming creative as you can get”.

By day, I am a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, animator, painter and creative director with a wealth of past agency experience. In recent years, I have also taken to “street art”, relishing the challenge of scale and the aroma of spray paint. It’s only been natural for me to start taking on commissioned mural jobs, which has resulted in many great road trips up and down the east and south coasts of the Australia, along with the a few jumps overseas as well.


Between illustrating, painting and directing major art projects to help build the art and culture scene nationally; I am a busy bee, absolutely and completely addicted to my chosen profession and the wonderful people I meet. Not to mention the life it allows me to live.

This passion and joy, along with my wide-ranging expertise, is what I bring to every project, campaign, and creative environment I’m a part of.

The work shown on this site is a drop in the ocean in terms of all the creative and branding work I’ve produced over the last 10 years. Feel free to get in touch!

Some of my wonderful clients

BakedUprising DarkHorse
Invurt LeseMajesty