Phoenix Health Club Mural

Phoenix Health Club gave me a very special opportunity to paint them a mural on one of their biggest premium walls.


“ANYFORTY PRIDE REFIX: Linguine Lion” is the second of 2 submissions I made to the Anyforty Pride Refix Competition.


“ANYFORTY PRIDE REFIX: Kelion” is the first of 2 submissions I made to the Anyforty Pride Refix Competition.

In The Shadows

I was very very fortunate to be invited to paint at In The Shadows last year by Apeseven and The COMMUNE.

MITTA NORATH: Limited Edition T-shirt

Mitta Norath got me to go crazy on this Limited edition T-shirt.

Cheeky Welcome at the Artshole

After setting up a second HQ in the Artshole in Melbourne it was time to have a bit of fun dressing up my space and create my own version of a cheeky Artshole welcome artwork.

“Landmarks – Dingo”: Artwork & Cover

Not too long ago I go very exciting opportunity to paint up a piece for Landmarks new album.

Ariel & Jessica Rabbit for an invisible client

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. This project is a perfect example of said plans not going so smoothly.


It’s still in its early days but it’s exciting to release these early designs for Tagline Apparel.

JUST PEACHY!: T-Shirt Remix

She’s “JUST PEACHY!” thank you very much.
A little remix T-shirt design based off an old black and white artwork did a few years back for a Nookstore group show. We think this one’s come up a treat 🙂


Another day, another mural. This one is a “Lunar Break” for a kids room in Merewether.

Maitland AROMA Festival Mural

Not too long ago I got to do this absolutely massive mural for Maitland AROMA Festival. It was sooo much fun!

6YL: Wisedom is Power

I’ve admired the 6YL [6 Years Later] magazine for quite along time now and this year I submitted this piece, Wisedom is Power, for their “Power” edition.

LIVE FEED: Branding

A quick piece of branding for the “Live Feed” event held on Greenway St, Wickham at the end of 2014 by Totem Brand & Dark Horse Espresso.

Feathered Prismess Mural

The last piece for the Hodgeson’s was such terrific fun and was loved that they got me back to add to their dining room, Feathered Prismess.

Lounging Lips Mural

Another amazing wall for my art from some pretty darn amazing Novacastrians, Sally and Mick Hodgeson.

Dark Horse Espresso: Branding

KMC has had a very long relationship with “Dark Horse Espresso” developing their brand and updating their signage as budget allowed. We’re quite proud of our accomplishments with Dark Horse and are proud to show off just a splash in

Newcastle Mirage: Limited Edition T-shirt

I got asked by some great old friends at Newcastle Mirage to conceptualise, design and produce a unique special edition T-shirt for their May 2015 issue. That month I was also featured and used as “cover model” for the same

The Paterson Project: Bubble & Bite

An incredible project in an incredible locale with some truly incredible pals!

Wyong Shire Council: Constructive Conventions

I was lucky enough to win a massive job customizing a mobile site shed for Wyong Shire Council in February. It was truly huge task with every challenge possible coming up along the way, but I’m more than proud to