Another day, another mural. This one is a “Lunar Break” for a kids room in Merewether.

Maitland AROMA Festival Mural

Not too long ago I got to do this absolutely massive mural for Maitland AROMA Festival. It was sooo much fun!

6YL: Wisedom is Power

I’ve admired the 6YL [6 Years Later] magazine for quite along time now and this year I submitted this piece, Wisedom is Power, for their “Power” edition.

Feathered Prismess Mural

The last piece for the Hodgeson’s was such terrific fun and was loved that they got me back to add to their dining room, Feathered Prismess.

Lounging Lips Mural

Another amazing wall for my art from some pretty darn amazing Novacastrians, Sally and Mick Hodgeson.

The Paterson Project: Bubble & Bite

An incredible project in an incredible locale with some truly incredible pals!

BLOCK by BLOCK: Belmont – Part 2

The last weekend of Block By Block: Belmont. What ever will be next?!?!

BLOCK by BLOCK: Belmont – Part 1

One block at a time till the whole worlds covered!

BOOMBOXIN’: Chekeosonic Wall

Tuning in to log-out!

GEELONG Powerhouse paint: “Her Gaze” collab

Rad paint times with the fellas. This is one of my proudest collaborations of 2014.

“Learn. Collaborate. Succeed.” Mural

The writings on the wall. Super rad times getting dirty with Wayne Thompson.

Young Henry’s Small Worlds: Live Paint

Good tunes, great food, even greater company and a super fun paint. Living the dream.


Mixing styles. Finalising old sketches. Researching anatomy. Just another day.

Abandoned Morey

The first of many eels sprayed around the nation.

Shuffling the deck on “Casino Cresent”

Dealing out some winners and going home as grinners on Newcastle Malls new “Casino Cresent”.

another Breathe – Hunter Street, Newcastle

A quick fish on Hunter Street, Newcastle.

Breathe – Barry Drive, Canberra (ANU)

Got love public walls, and Canberra.

Ink’d – Alice

Another day. Another girl.

Ink’d – Jane

A quick calligraphy girl done while waiting for coffee in Newcastle. Enjoy the fixed and unwavering stare of Jane.

Ink’d – Kate

Revisiting and refining.